Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The finest trait of a reputable quality commercial carpet cleaning solutions is to work so get the client’s 100% satisfaction. At Brooklyn Carpet that is our goal. We clean all Commercial Carpets in all 5 boroughs. Offering free on site and written estimates. We clean all small and a large commercial spaces. We work mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra charge. Our extensive knowledge in commercial carpets cleaning is how we can remove 99% of stains successfully without any damage. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our commercial services. Brooklyn Carpet provides the best services of commercial cleaning for over 20 years. The services by our organization differ us from the any other company in regards to service and pricing. We use a heavy duty, portable commercial cleaning machine so no hassle with hoses all over your office or through your windows. We will match any reasonably, written estimate by 15%.

What We Clean

We clean all wall to wall carpets, steps, hallways, offices, cubicles, waiting areas, elevators, lobbies, coco mats, rugs, fabric walls, furniture (leather and fabric), chairs, benches, beds, window treatments, etc.

Carpet Cleaning: We do chemical and odor free commercial carpet cleaning. Our chemical and odor free system cleans better than chemical cleaning. It dries faster as well.

Odors: There are an assortment of unforeseen happenings such as: fire, flood pet accidents or human accidents that can cause odors in your home office. Any odors that are or are not noticeable can be taken care of safely.

Flood Cleaning: During a tragedy relating to water, flooding from anywhere, mother nature, pipe burst, neighbor, overflow of any sort you would like to remedy this as soon as possible so you can go on with your day to day work environment. Mold begins growing quickly. It is an allergy irritant that can cause very serious health problems.

We understand the importance of a well upheld commercial space. Our expert commercial cleaning services guarantee a worry free cleaning experience with discounting pricing.

Where We Clean

We clean all Commercial spaces in all 5 boroughs: Lounges, Bars, Restaurants, Stores, Banquet Halls, Casinos, Hotels, Motels, Ships, Boats, Day Care Centers, Schools, Colleges, Small Offices, Large Offices, House Of Worships.

It is surely a lengthy task to clean commercial carpets but if you clean carpets every day, for over 20 years you become an expert. This what you will get with Brooklyn Carpet. Amazing cleaning at very competitive rates. Our organization spends consideration to all of the central points that require proper cleaning of carpets. We also assure the ideal overall outlook of your space through the best cleaning services. A neat and tidy place always grabs the attention of your clients. This will enhance in sales of any organization.

When your commercial space looks good clients will be more than happy to work with you on a business level for longer. No potential client wants to sit on a dirty chair or walk on a dirty or smelly carpet.

Recommendation: Please, for 24 hours leave a window open, even 1 inch so there is constant ventilation. This will help everything dry faster and there will be no mold or mildew issues after.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in New York

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