Area Rug Restoration

Area Rug Restoration

The actual method of restoring rugs takes alot of time to complete. That is because of the lot of concentration and use of tough procedure needed for mending rugs. Every client demands get the best repair services without any compromise. Even though, it isn’t as simple as you think. The unsuitable approach of melding area rugs lead to produce spots, lint and give worse overall look to your area rug. Would you really want to take such kind of chance? We perform the smallest to the most complicated restorations with no problem. We at Brooklyn Carpet have been doing rug restorations for over 20 years and have many satisfied customers. We service all 5 boroughs and offer free estimates for any restoration service.

Restoration Services For Area Rugs

There are countless rug restoration services being offered in Brooklyn. It’s easy to say you restore rugs but difficult to do perfect restorations. We at Brooklyn Carpet understand the ins and outs of rugs and what restorations they require. From the most inexpensive rugs to heirloom rugs to antique rugs, we do it all and for a very reasonable price. You shouldn’t have to rely on compromising services for your rugs or using low quality products. We have hired experienced employees that sincerely know how to tackle each concern brilliantly for repair of area rugs. Unlike other companies, the best thing about us that we stay in touch with our customers with all details in regards to their restoration. We provide exactly what you look for. In short, our proficient employees never leave your rug until it gets 100% done with our exceptional services.

Types Of Restorations We Perform

We provide a full range of superior rug restoration services. We restore every rug, in any shape, any style, any origin and any age; Color restoration, Reweaving, Recreate missing areas, Blocking, Backings, ½”, 1” and 2” Binding, Fringes, Worn fringes, Holes and Torn areas, Moth damage, Water and Fire Damage, Mold/Mildew Removal, Urine Removal, Pile wear rebuilding, Unraveling,

Restoration Services Water/Flood Fire/Soot Damage

If you have had the annoyance of any water or fire damage issues in your home or office recently and you have rugs in the vicinity call us immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the issue will get. No matter if your rug is brand new, much older, heirloom or from your local store it gets more expensive to buy a new rug than cleaning or restoring it.

Our Promise

Brooklyn Carpet has developed many techniques that effectively restore all worn and damaged rugs. When damage is obvious, we can restoration it in the most useful and inexpensive way ensuring many more years of use and enjoyment.

Our skilled craftsperson reweave and recolor areas. We restore damaged edges such as fringe and binding. We are committed to restoring your rugs to their original state. We promise to restore your rug to the best of our ability no matter how much time it takes.

Recommendation: Please take a picture of your rug before it’s picked up so you can see the difference our restoration makes.

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Area Rug Restoration